Sunday, July 17, 2011

Food Jewelry - New Macaron Earrings

Last week, I decided to make some more food jewelry using macarons with the shades of dusty pink I've earlier discovered while making the miniature pink rainbow cake.

Here are my dusty pink series of macaron earrings. I'm quite sure at some point later, I'll be adding new shades of pink once I discover them. One can't have too many shades of pink.

The 2 lightest shades has specks of pink and purple in it. Like some real macarons do!

Working on a new plant right now...I'm quite excited and hope to show you photos real soon!


  1. Ah, so delicious! If I had pierced ears I'd be emptying out my piggy bank!

  2. Dearest sweet pei li, i am loving your new gorgeous shares of pink! Totally agree that one can't have too many shades of pink! Have a lovely merry happy new week and love to you!


  3. Looks so rustic and alive, if I had a pierced ear,I would wear them!
    Probably not in this life tho. I'm not that open yet. Hahaha.

  4. Hey Emma, aww too bad..No pierced ears? I'll try to see if they had clip ons. Maybe I'll make some clip ons :)

    Dearest Jacqueline Thanks for your sweet comments...Oh boy, I can't run away from pinks.. ;)

    Hey Pierre...Hmmm hey you don't have to pierce your ears, but I'm sure you can get it for your sweetheart, niece, sister, best friend, friend's daughter...Common, you gotta have one of those. I'm just joking ok! I appreciate your visit and comments always, it cracks me up! :)

  5. Hi Peili,
    This is so adorable!! I love those colors!I saw your work in Amy's student exhibition! And I'm one of her student too! I really love your works!


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