Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature - French Chic Ivy Plant

I saw this real french chic planter in a magazine. I don't really know what's the proper term for it, but it's like a cupcake base wall hanging planter. It was the cupcake base that caught my eye. I found it elegant, original and just so cute. I couldn't resist and thus I had to make it into adollhouse miniature french chic ivy plant.

It was really fun to make. Seeing it come to life is even more exciting.

Making dollhouse miniature plant is still a new area for me. Every plant turns out a little different from the previous.

I hope you like this!

2.4cm tall and 1.6cm wide

Another view

A shot with my hand (took it in my balcony)


  1. Fantastic!Like 1:1 house I dream!!!! ;) Compliments!

  2. Your planter has a very beautiful shape. It looks very good!!

  3. Absolutely fantastic! I really love it!


  4. I loved it! Your Ivy Plant is perfect.

  5. So pretty.. and looks so real. Especially the Ivy Plant. I tend to be lost of words everytime. You really take me to another world ;). Hugs.. Jo

  6. It's lovely: I would want in in both 1:12 as 1:1 scale!


  7. Es muy bonita. Preciosa y muy real.

  8. Dearest sweet pei li,

    This is adorable and i LOVE it!! You are amazing and so talented sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  9. Love it! It looks so fresh. :) Is you Ivy clay or fabric?


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