Monday, February 29, 2016

Good Claying Habits

I'm currently working on a new commissioned fake dessert project that requires me to use larger cups than I'm used to. If you follow me on my instagram, you may have seen this photo before.

The 2cm cups are the 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature cups. I'm working with the 3.5cm cups this time round for this project. The difference in 1.5cm in size does makes a lot of difference!!

This project will be made up of a lot of macarons, chocolate balls and whip cream. I do intend to blog more work in progress pictures for this project!

Meanwhile I'm making a lot of macarons first. And I'm really pacing myself for this.

I have 2 more colors to make, and I spent 2 days making these. 1 day for each color. Of course, I move onto other things after I finished 1 set of macaron color per day. But I need to be really mindful when I am working with macarons, especially if they require a detailed crows feet look.

Do you actually take care of your hands and wrists while working with clay? Perhaps you are young, and you don't think about these things. But even as a hobbyist, I hope you think about it and practice good claying habits if you wish to enjoy this hobby for a long time. Prolonged repetitive actions on one particular hand/wrist isn't healthy. Prolonged sitting down for hours isn't as well. Bad sitting posture can affect your nerves which affects other part of your body. So, I strongly suggest that everyone take good care of your body and health :) Schedule breaks frequently, get up, walk, exercise before coming back to claying. Maybe you need to take extra care if you are a polymer clay user as you need to condition your clay.

What are your claying habits? 

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  1. The glass cups are very beautiful. The macaroons look very yummy.
    Nice project.
    Hugs, Drora


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