Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Assorted Bread Mold NEW!

I am excited to show you a new dollhouse miniature assorted bread mold!

Over the past few days, I finally completed making several breads using this mold, to show you some possibilities of what you can make with this mold.

One of the breads that inspired me to make was a favorite of mine, called Apple Tea Time Bread.
Although the real life version is nothing like this, I am just happy to transform the inspiration into something different.

The apple bits are semi-translucent, just like the ones I ate. But I do think I could do a darker version of the apple bits.

And here are the seven different types of bread I made with the new mold.

I love Earl Grey Tea Bread as well ^^ The faint scent and taste of earl grey tea in a bread is so delicious.

Well, these are just inspiration ideas for you, as to what you can do with the bread mold. Of course, you can come up with ideas of your own, which is the the beauty of this mold!

So, I'm accepting pre-orders for this newest bread mold now. Stocks shall arrive earliest Saturday (12 March, fingers crossed) and if not, by next week. Once they arrive, I will be shipping them out!

Head down here to place your orders! ^^

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