Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Eiffel Tower Shelf

I saw a google image of a eiffel tower book shelf a while ago, which inspired me to make a dollhouse miniature eiffel tower zakka shelf.

I love zakka style as you know. :) If I had my own home, I would either decorate it in zakka style or parisian style. I'm undecided. Both so different but equally appealing.

The eiffel tower miniature shelf I made can be used and placed in many parts of a dollhouse.

Who can resist a blue glass bottle with a flower?^^ I'm going to make more of those bottles just because I LOVE them!

The Eiffel Tower shelf can also be used as a miniature book shelf, to be placed on the floor.

A few of my favorite things, placed on the shelf. :)

I think this also fits into the french chic theme as well.

I'm also aiming to make these shelves in other colors. Blue and pink is a MUST!

Have a beautiful weekend all!


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