Sunday, August 14, 2016

Custom Macaron Bracelet

I just finished a custom macaron bracelet requested by a customer of mine. She wanted a slightly longer bracelet and with some custom colored macarons on it. I was happy to work on this for her. She requested for lots of pink so that's why this particular one has many pinks! :)

Earlier this week, another customer sent me a short sweet message. It touches my heart and it simply said "Pei Li, your work make our world better and kinder . Thank you so much for this!"

Even though it was short, but it was heartfelt and I felt she gets me. I love doing what I do - using colors, and mostly flowers to bring some serenity and calmness to this sometimes chaotic world. I love it when I get feedback that they feel peaceful and happy when they see my work upclose. That makes my day. :)

Earlier this week, I completed a blue antique miniature flask pot. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how my blue and white flower bouquet will fit into this :) And so I had to take a shot right away! I love it when I see two items fit perfectly together!

I will take better photos when I get a chance! ^^

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