Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Bouquet- Pink Whispers

Hello! It's been a few weeks, and July has flown by! Thank you for all the support in July. :) I was busy fulfilling orders. Feeling really grateful. :)

I am nursing a cold these couple of days. Hence, I'm taking it a little slower and trying to get better here. My throat is still feeling a little uncomfortable and today, I have been taking lots of star fruit! I remembered how star fruit juice (freshly squeezed) gave instant relief to my sore, dry throat when I was younger. I bought some star fruit and made some juice! It was very soothing and I felt better. Mom also bought some on her way home and I had some more of that in the evening. Shall have more star fruit tomorrow.

Finished a new bouquet of flowers recently. This bouquet is named Pink Whispers. Soft, light and dreamy. This will be on its way to its new owner :)

Did you know that the antique flask pot was also handmade by me?

I'm proud that I could pull this off! It was a slightly more complicated design, due to its shape and the mouth. The original metal pot was no longer in production. I searched high and low for that, but didn't see anything that came close to that. I love it's slightly wider bottom, which gives a really cute look.

So I knew I had to make it my own if I wanted to include it in future miniature pieces. :) I was really pleased I could replicate this.

I'm dreaming of making these cute antique flask pots in a variety of colours ^^

What colors would you like to see it in?

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Hi sweetie! ;) Yay! I can't wait for this gorgeousness to arrive! It's one of your biggest fans over here! *hugs hugs hugs* For years, I have been peeping into your blog to hear your sweet thoughts, and ALWAYS found something to smile about. ALWAYS. Please update your blog as often as you can, because I just LOVE to hear what's on your beautiful mind (and what your fingertips create). ^^

    I am SO proud that you were able to replicate a piece that has left your hands. That, my friend, is true talent! But you already know that there is nothing that you CANNOT create! :)

    I am envisioning this flask pot in shades of blue, green and even cream! So many shades under the sky and everything you touch is gold, so simply take a pick out of the hat! Let your moods dictate! Hope your cold becomes better! :( Adieu til next time and take care of yourself Pei! <33

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  3. Dear Deborah!

    Thanks for coming by my blog! And thank you so much for your first comment! It's so sweet hearing from you here, and also a change from our usual emails! Oh gosh, I didn't know you have been following my blog for years?! Thanks so much, I'll try to write often. :)

    I love all the colors you mentioned! I can't wait to create them. Each different color depicts a different mood :)

    Please stop by often! :)

    Pei Li

  4. Haha <3 Indeed, it is different! And yet, the same gorgeous pieces and the same GORGEOUS artist. ;) I have been peeping in every now and then, and simply loving to hear about your thoughts and enjoying the ride on this awesome artistic evolution of yours! It is always amazing to hear the stories and the inspiration behind an artist's creations.

    The amazing therapeutic power of colors. I have an intense lifelong love affair with colors and I'm sure you half invented its concept. Your ability to put colors together is an art that can be emulated but never replicated. :)

    Kudos and keep up the LOVELY work!! <3

  5. The shape of this pitcher is not only Beautiful but also your finish of it and the patina of it is Amazing to look at. You have a style that is all your own and an incredible talent to go with it! :D



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