Monday, September 18, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Macaron Tower

I've just completed another slightly different dollhouse miniature macaron tower last week.

I'm pleased with this one, as I've made several minor changes. The changes are minor but hopefully they are noticeable.

The tower base is decorated slightly differently this time.

French macaron tower measures 4cm tall and 2.8cm at its widest.

Working on a larger bouquet right now....Hopefully I have something to show next time?


And in some other news, my mom had her first chemotherapy session today. So far it's pretty all right. Maybe it's too early to say?  I can only hope it stays this way - where she can still eat to keep her strength up. Keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't get bad side effects. 
Having just been to the cancer center, I really have a new found admiration for those who go to treatments by themselves. It's not easy. 
Personally, I'm slowly trying to find a balance between caregiving and working. It's been a challenge, but I also remind myself to be kind to myself. I'm sure I will find some sort of equilibrium in this challenging times. :)


  1. As always magical !!!!
    I pray for your mama and hope it will be all right...oh i hope so!

    Good night and sweet dreams :o)

    1. Dear Sigrid, Thank you so much for your kind words. :) I appreciate it!

      Pei Li


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