Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Milk Custard Jar Silicone Mold

I'm amazed and proud of myself...that I have the strength and some time to experiment with this new dollhouse miniature milk custard jar silicone mold today. And you know what, it's actually fun for me.

I'm really loving how it looks. So good and real. And it's actually not too difficult! 

Couple of possibilities came into my mind with regards to this jar. I often see these in supermarkets holding milk custard :) But then, they could also hold honey, jams, whatever you like!

Also, if you get the mold from my shop, you'll get the english instructions mailed to you along with the mold. :)

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  1. Yes indeed Pei Li, the possibilities for this lovely jar, are endless :)


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