Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Roses and Hypericum Berries

I made these dollhouse miniature hypericum berries a while ago. However, I just didn't find any suitable flowers to go along with it. So I left it...until I made these miniature roses this week. I think they go well together with the color tones.

Tiny tiny leaves go along with this piece as well. The tiny leaves make a huge difference.

Close up!

Available in my etsy shop here.

Trying to move into a new routine here. The good news is, I started a walking routine with my mom every morning. We would wake up and go for a walk. I was so happy the day we started this new routine. We have been good sticking with it everyday for this week ^^ It seems to make some difference. She feels more energetic and her spirits are good.

Thank you all who have left me kind comments and wishes! I appreciate it!


  1. Hi Pei Li. Great to hear you and your mum are getting something out of your morning walks. It is good for you for lots of reasons, and I am sure it will bring you both even closer. Your berries look truly beautiful with the tiny roses. Their blush of red is subtle but certainly brings them forward so they pop. Beautiful! Take care xx

    1. Dear Shannon, Thank you for your comments! Yes, we are both enjoying our morning walks, it makes us feel better, which is important for us to go through with the rest of the day.

  2. Hej Pei Li,
    I repeat myself .... but you're a great artist for me !!!!!

    I'm sorry and I'm very sad about your mother. My father died in 2011, but I still miss him.

    I wish your mummy many more beautiful years! Life is sometimes not fair :o(

    Great hug and lovely greetings

    1. Dear Sigrid, Thank you so much for your sweet warm comments. I'm touched. I am sorry about your loss, and I hope you have lots of wonderful memories with your dad.
      We are taking each day, one day at a time. Just enjoying the simplest things :)


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